Hello, Vex Buddies! It's #EduVEXtion time!

Previously we have discussed what is NFT. This time we discuss the NFT market guide.

How To Make NFTs?
1. Have an electronic wallet (i.e VexWallet)
2. Purchase of Ethereum or Vexanium Blockchain
3. Connection to an NFT marketplace where you’ll be able to upload and turn the content into an NFT or crypto art

How To Sell NFTs?
The process is as simple as uploading your content on the NFT marketplace platform, then following the instructions to turn it in the NFT. Like you are on social media, after uploading your content, you can write a description. But, in NFT you can set the desired price of your uploaded content!

How To Buy NFTs?
Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace, OpenSea, Decentraland, etc — is the marketplace that is possible to buy NFT. There will be NFT Marketplaces too in the near future on the Vexanium network. So, stay tuned for that!

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