Hello, Vex Buddies! It’s #EduVEXtion time!

“NFT is a game-changer,” — Mark Cuban, US entrepreneur, blockchain investor and observer. With NFT, all tagged properties can be freely traded with adjusted values ​​based on age, rarity, liquidity, and more. This can drive the prosperity of the decentralized application (DApp) market. NFT can be used to create verifiable digital ownership; authenticity, traceability, and security. Applications of NFT can be found or utilized in the sectors, 1) Digital Artwork, 2) Digital Collections, 3) Online Games, 4) Patents and Intellectual Property, and 5) Real Estate. Rivernity is the first decentralized community-owned NFT local marketplace based on the Vexanium blockchain. There you can sell, buy and also auction your NFT products! Also, for collectible items, Kolektibel is here to provide your desire of collecting your favorite idol momento!

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Hello Vex Buddies! ️👋

Mark your calendars on November 1st, 2021, as we will be having a live stream on the Vexanium Development Plan for Q4 2021! We will inform you about Vexanium’s planned roadmap, activities, and objectives in Q4 2021, which were discussed at the block producers/validator meeting.

🎥 There will be 2 live sessions:
- English: GMT+7
- Indonesian: 15.00 WIB

We will be live on Youtube, so make sure that you are following all of our social media to always get the latest updates from Vexanium! (don’t forget to subscribe!)

See you on Monday, November 1st 2021! ️😉





Rivernity is a community-owned Decentralized NFT Marketplace that built on top of Vexanium Public blockchain

User need to use web 3.0 digitalwallet like vexwallet to mint or purchase NFT

Like digitalart , memes , photography , music , Games , Metaverse , Defi etc

Rivernity will start testnet version on October 25th 2021 and start launch beta max 2 weeks after testnet

  • Rivernity your Gateway to Metaverse




Vexanium Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Vexanium blockchain and related technologies. The Vexanium blockchain is an open-source blockchain protocol for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps). Through this short video, let’s get to know more about Vexanium Foundation; the ecosystem in it, achievements, and other activities!

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Vexanium Community Ecosystem

Hello Vex Buddies, here is a quick update on Vexanium Community Ecosystem!

We are very happy to share the growth and expansion of our ecosystem (ex: increase in DeFi yield farming etc) for the past few months. 🤩
Have you tried our ecosystem yet?

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